Hotel Tempio di Apollo, hotel in Roma Cassia

The Hotel Tempio di Apollo, in north Rome, is located on the Via Cassia, 5 km from the GRA, ring road, and 1 km from the FR3 train line (Ostiense-Viterbo) that takes you to St. Peters and the historic centre in just 25-30 min.

The hotel is connected with the FR3, station La Storta by bus nr 032 which only takes about 5 min. A charming hotel, that is immersed in the green of the archaeological Park of Veio and within easy reach of the eternal city of Rome, which offers comfortable accommodations at reasonable prices, affordable but comfortable.

Our structure is situated on the Via Cassia between the residential areas of  La Storta, Olgiata and La Giustiniana and framed by the enchanting Medieval Castle of Isola Farnese, a well known historical settlement from the 13th century, which overlooks the even more known Etruscan archaeological site of the city of Veio.

We are in a central position, just 15 km from downtown Rome, the Vatican, with the famous Basilica of St. Peter, and all the historical reminiscences of the most beautiful city in the world, Roma Caput Mundi, and 15 km from Lake Bracciano with other medieval centers (Anguillara, Trevignano, Vigna di Valle).

Still today, as in ancient times, it is a transit location and a stopover of the pilgrims who travel from the north of Italy and northern Europe along the ancient Via Francigena to reach St. Peter, by foot, horse or bicycle.

Driving 10 km towards Rome center you will easily reach the Auditorium Parco della Musica, the Olimpic Stadium and the Flaminio Stadium, home of the Six Nations Championship, the hospitals San Pietro Fatebenefratelli, Gemelli and Sant’Andrea, and the carabinieri barracks Salvo D’Acquisto in Via Tor di Quinto.

Driving 10 km towards Viterbo you will find the most important racing track in the region of Lazio, the Autodromo Vallelunga.

Also always within a short distance from us, in the area Le Rughe, you will find the Boowling Odissea 2000, that hosts regional and national competitions, in the area Formello you will find the industrial center of Via degli Olmetti, home to several companies of various commodities, and in Cesano, you will find the barracks of the Army Infantry School.

20 km from us you will find the new Fiera di Roma in Via Portuense and 30 km away the Palacisalfa in the district of Eur.

Near to us, just 1 km away, you will find one of the most important and famous golf courses in the national circuit, Olgiata Golf club, and the horse riding clubs Olgiata Riding Club and Casale di San Nicola, also these the seat of important national competitions.

We are completely immersed in the natural park of Veio, a large and important lung outside the city, rich in Etruscan archaeological findings of great interest, many of which are present in the Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Valle Giulia, Piazzale Valle Giulia 9.

There are innumerable walking and riding routes, amid waterfalls, small rivers, tunnels, caves and many varieties of endangered animals: pheasants, wild boars, porcupines, owls, foxes…

Here you can enjoy the peace and wellbeing that will enable you to relax peacefully in a clean, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere a few minutes from the center of Rome, in a unique location.

It will seem to be in an old village in the remote countryside of Tuscany or Umbria, where time seems to stand still but at the same time you are only a few km away from all the endless opportunities that this magical city can offer.

We are certain that only by contacting and visiting us in person we will be able to convey the feelings that we have tried to describe.